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BigShot Manual To #BS10320
BigShot Data Sheet and Specification
BigShot Manual BS10321 and Higher
BigShot 500 Melter Applicator
For Bituminous Marker Adhesive

Temperature control box has easy to read digital temperature indication for precise control of material and output hose temperature.  Four switches  turn on the power for the melter ignition system, hose temperature control, material agitator and pump actuation.  Main disconnect is on side of  box.
Simple and durable mechanical shot size adjuster.  Provides extremely repeatable shot size by limiting the stroke of the material pump. Lock nut holds adjustment securely.
Large fill port allows loading complete blocks of virtually any brand of bituminous marker adhesive.  Blocks can be placed on the lid surface and the lid is then closed minimizing the possibility of material splashing back toward operator.
Unit is supplied with a 100 pound propane tank securely mounted in a protective steel stand.  Unit has an outlet filter mounted on hose with a 1/4 turn shutoff valve.
A 13 HP Honda engine supplies power for the hydraulic system and the 105 amp alternator.  Engine is factory converted to run on propane.  Oil alert sound an alarm when oil is low. Electric start.
In tank hydraulic filter /fill port  simplifies changing of filter.  Unit is equipped with guage that lets youknow when filter needs to be changed.
A 12 Volt DC, 24" long material output wand is standard.  Wand is attached to a 10' material hose with a live swivel between them. An elastomeric duckbill valve minimizes material dripping from end of wand.
Wand handle is ergonomically designed to prevent operator fatigue. Four finger trigger with locking mechanism is standard.
A 13 HP Honda powered hydraulic and electric power pack comes standard. This modular system is factory converted to run on propane and is removable from the skid with four bolts for ease of servicing.
Hydraulic puimp is directly coupled to the verticle shaft  Honda engine.  A 105 amp alternator is belt driven from the same engine.  Fixed engine RPM is factory set.  Easily serviced with removal of side cover panels.
Convenient idler wheel belt tensioner. This makes periodic belt tensioning fast and easy by removing 4 screws and a side panel.
Spin on oil filer is conveniently mounted on the side of 13 HP Honda engine.  Supplied with engine from factory. filter prolongs engine life and should be changed with each oil change.
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